quinta-feira, março 03, 2005


Sobre o Inverno

Winter in Ice

This must be the longest winter
Covered in snow and charged with ice,
Ridden with wind blown from empty places
Where the light is bare and desolate

And these children that hover over me
With their teeth rotten and eyes swollen
Why don’t they go away?
Was it they who have put me down here?
And why do they stare at me like that?
They have sticks with them
With which they poke me
And sometimes one of them throws rocks
But most of the time they just stand there
Staring back with a gaze
Blank and meaningless
As the landscape that covers
As the winter that encases me

Banda Sonora: Ian Simmonds – Ice Waltz.

A Ler: Wallace Stevens – The Snow Man.

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