quinta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2005


You shall walk the tread of the dead

This is the tread. The tread you shall tread. In this tread you shall be trod upon. In this the tread you shall be trod by the tread of. The tread. You shall tread the tread trod upon by the down trod. Upon the tread you shall tread the tread of hard stone. Oh the tread of stone trod by no living bone. You shall tread the tread of dread hard like stone. Your bone crossed upon the stone of the tread you shall tread. You shall walk alone this tread of stone and without bread. Tread alone the lone tread of stone. With no bread. Your bone against the stone. The head alone against the dread of the stone in this tread. This is the tread the dead have tread. You must follow the thread. Follow the thread spread thin over the tread you tread. The thread of blood the dead have bled in their tread. You shall be trod upon by the dead. Your blood smeared by the tread of the dead. The tread of dread tread by the dead. The dead trod upon. The dead trod upon unshod. You shall follow the tread this the tread the tread of dread this is the tread the tread I trod. The tread I trod first. The tread I trod before unshod. The tread I trod with the smeared blood I bled. The tread of the dead.

Banda Sonora: Steve Reich - Pulses.

A Ler: Wallace Stevens - Cortège for Rosenbloom.

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