quarta-feira, fevereiro 09, 2005


Ensaio de Despedidas II

Bidding Goodbye

I bid goodbye
To all,
Goodbye World,
The place of my bearing, the place of my dead,
And to the sun that burnt it,
And to the wind that sucked
The life out of trees, meagre,
To the branches on which death and I swinged,
Holding hands,
And to the crows that have pecked
At the rocks in the ground,
Goodbye, dust, goodbye,
To the sky,
To the earth,
To the Seat of Permanence,
The Arch that bore me,
To the Concavity that wrought me,
Only this
I am to be displaced
So I say goodbye,
Eye, lashes, fall,
My arms I surrender
Laying a good bye,
And toall the people,
The outspoken,
The unseen,
The unremembered,
That have parted,
That have not stayed,
That have chosen silence,
To the dead, goodbye,
It is all I have to say,
Good bye,
And God bye, God.

A Ler: A. R. Ammons – Some Months Ago.

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