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Ensaio de Despedidas I

Comecei a escrever este blog há <inserir número de dias>. Quando comecei, comecei pelo Dr. Johnson e agora que o fim chegou é somente natural que volte a ele, que sempre foi sensível a toda a espécie de fins. A citação abaixo é do último The Idler, de Domingo, 5 de Abril de 1760.

Though the Idler and his readers have contracted no close friendship they are perhaps both unwilling to part. There are few things not purely evil of which we can say without some emotion of uneasiness ‘this is the last’. Those who never could agree together shed tears when mutual discontent has determined them to final separation; of a place which has been frequently visited, though without pleasure, the last look is taken with heaviness of heart; and the Idler, with all his chillness of tranquillity, is not wholly unaffected by the thought that his last essay is now before him.
This secret horror of the last is inseparable from a thinking being whose life is limited, and to whom death is dreadful. We always make a secret comparison between a part and the whole; the termination of any period of life reminds us that life itself has likewise its termination; when we have done any thing for the last time, we involuntarily reflect that a part of the days allotted us is past, and that as more is past there is less remaining.

Quando viemos ao Mundo, espremidos por um funil bárbaro, choramos ao ver a Luz pela primeira vez. Agora que me vou embora, espero que me perdoem não derramar nenhuma lágrima. Exeunt.

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